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    File Description
    WiiSaber is a clever little Cocoa application for the Mac from isnoop. Earlier, isnoop had made an application called the MacSaber, and what it did was used the Mac's "sudden motion sensor" - every time the Mac was moved, it would make Jedi lightsaber noises and keyboard backlight effects (vigorous movement resulted in Jedi lightsaber clashing and striking noises).

    The WiiSaber application lets you use your Wii remote to make lightsaber noises. So go, lock yourself in a dark room, and start swinging your Wiimote around.

    This is WiiSaber v1.0 Beta 1. isnoop says, "I plan on adding more features including more visual response and multi-controller capabilities soon, so check back again later." We can't wait. Meanwhile, we're entertaining ourselves by making deep breathing noises and pretending to use Force lightning on each other.

    Download: [WiiNSaber 1.08.Beta]


    Custom sounds for your Wiimote

    File Description
    This is related in some way to that post we made a few weeks back about making your Wiimote sound like a lightsaber. From the looks of it, this application actually seems like the evolutionary source for all those Wiimote-audio apps that we've been seeing lately.

    Anyway, if you can understand the German, you'll find out that WiiSound is this code that works with GlovePIE to allow you create sounds based on Wiimote movements. Of course this is how we understood the odd translation that Google Translate gave us.

    Go ahead and give it a shot! You have nothing to lose anyway!

    Download: WiiSound 1.0:
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    It's about WiiNSaber 1.1 or Wiisaber 1.0 (which I dont know) or Wiisound (that's a complet useless software)?

    [ED] Ah ok understood. Try WiiNSaber, much more light but also very very fun