Wii's Internal Space Optimization

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    Anyone have any ways to optimize my space on my Wii? It is now full. I don't use the SD card for anything, What am I supposed to use it for? I actually paid for all my games and will not be moving them, deleting them, ect as I play them a lot. The only thing maybe to delete is the internet but I am checking to see if Hulu.com works on it. Any recommendation on optimizing my Wii with the SD card is appreciated.

    Looks like Nintendo is about to loose their VC business from me already [​IMG]
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    The only way to optimize your wii is to go through and remove unwanted game saves, channels e.t.c. It maybe a good idea to move the game saves from the games that you dont play to often to the Sd card and then transfer back (space depending) when you want to play them again. Also you could do this with the VC games aswell transfer the less played games to the SD card and move them back when you wanted to play them. Other than that you don't have any choice until Nintendo release some kind of storage solution. Even though you have paid for the VC games you can still delete them and redownload them from the Wii shop at a later date. This would free space so you can play some other games. I am in the same boat as you and alittle bogged off that Nintendo want you to download the VC and wiiware games, but haven't given enough space to save them all on. Good luck think you will need to bite the bullet and delete some stuff to clear that space.
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    I'm really praying that this USB Mass Storage thingy will be released soon.
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    Digging threw 100's of saves aint phun at all, we live in a world with endless space, why is nintendo's world so small,...
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    You mean mass storage support via USB for homebrew loading? FAT32 is probably as good as that will get, and it doesn't really help his problem...

    I suggest you delete all the games you can play in an emulator, and put them on an SD
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    Do you have that many games? Cause saves don't take a lot of space. The only choice you have is to erase of copy vc/wiiware games that you don't play often, because if you have enough games to fill all the space and you play them all very often, you have waaay to much time on your hands [​IMG]
    But yeah, Nintendo really should release HDD support.
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    Install the homebrew channel and use emulation. that way you can play them off the SD card.
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