Wiip Update!

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    Just couldn't resist you update all of you. Check out what we have been doing:

    New production line of boards are currently in production (version 2.0).

    These new boards feature:


    Ultra-small, SMD design. Less than 4cm tall. Can be installed inside the Wii.

    New ATMEGA8 CPU, 20 Mhz and 8KB of FLASH!

    White colored PCB board to match the Wii case.

    Bright LED and 2 feature on-board switch.

    Supports all Wii units and plays all games on all media.

    External programming port; includes programming cable.

    Updatable via CDR/DVDR, LPT and USB!

    Can be used for other applications (other than Wii mods)

    We are going to be mass producing 1000 units and we will not be allowing pre-orders at all. So check back frequently. Big thanks to Xecuter for contributing to this project.