Wiimotes rarely re-sync

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  1. ohnoeee

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    Jan 31, 2008
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    Seriously... outside of Wiiplay, they have NEVER worked with multiple players.

    I have had 4 controllers (1 magically broke), and they only work with Wii Sports because of that confirmation screen (the "more" button on the game) it brings you to.
    Why don't all Wii games have this nifty little screen to connect other wiimotes? And even after Ishut it down, start it back up, hit the red sync button on the system for 20 seconds, and sync the controller for 10 seconds, the controllers still do not want to connect.

    I might need to find out if they sell replacement parts for whatever internal bluetooth device they use for the syncing process, because everything else is in fine condition.
    And sending it to Nintendo is not an option at this point, but the situation has always been like this. So does anyone know of something the would be good to replace this with to fix it?
  2. 5pector

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    Apr 25, 2008
    Do you not use the Remote utility in the Wii Home screen to connect and disconnect remotes?

    Press the Home key

    Use your remote and press A on the picture of the wii remote

    a Menu will appear with 3 options...




    Select reconnect and then press 1 + 2 together in the order of the remotes you want to connect

    This can be done at any time in or out of a game

    Hope this helps
  3. ponard

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    Apr 28, 2008
    its not broken if you can use it on wii sports. try to sync it one by one
    1. while you are on the wii menu. press the red button on the sd card slot on your wii.
    2. then press the red button on back of the remote (near the batteries)
    3. repeat on other remotes

    hope this helps.