Wiimote wants to blow up?

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  1. .AeRiaL.

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    Jan 1, 2016

    I have a wiimote that i'm troubleshooting where if batteries are in it any sort whether it is LR6, NiMH it will get extremely hot on the speaker bit within seconds and I would take the batteries out to see what is the problem but it cools down too quickly to find out what. Keep in mind I also tested with the speaker off and it still gets hot there. Is it possible to put some water on there and let it dry for a couple days?

    I believe coffee or something was once spilled on it by accident, but it still worked for years and it was like this when we received it from a friend a couple years ago. These are normal classic white wiimotes not wiiplus just ya normal wiimote.

    Any help will be appreciated. All the chips look in perfect condition including the capacitor. I believe this coffee got it's way through the speaker hole. I will provide pictures if needed.


    UPDATE 1: Now it's being picky on which batteries it wants to get hot on. NiMH are making it go hot 1.2v specifically; R6P 1.5v batteries don't do anything nor does it make it work. I tried LR6 with 1.5v and it seems to make it go hot. I'm confused. What drugs is this wiimote on?
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  2. RandomMan25XX

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    i use NiMH batteries and i don't experience this type of problem, what is the brand of battery you are using?, maybe there is a faulty connection on the board
  3. Snugglevixen

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    If it blows up can you record it and put it on YT?
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  4. Wizardkoer

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    Jul 14, 2015
    If nothing seems to work, try picking up a preowned Wii for $44 AUD from ebgames. It comes with wii remote (probably not with motion plus built in), nunchuck and of course a Wii console. Cheaper than getting a new wii remote for $60 AUD. And as with the remote, you probably damaged the circuit board, and your probably shorting some resistor connection, but I could be wrong.
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