Wiimote stops reponding after a while

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    Jan 7, 2011
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    I've a weird problem since a few days : When I play a NFS:HP or Disney Epic Mickey (only those two games), after a while, my wiimote stops responding. It's always at the same spot : First race in Dubai (maybe 20 seconds after starting) in NFS and during the blocked boats cinematics for Disney Epic Mickey. The wiimote "first player led" is still lit, but no buttons seem to answer anymore. If I try to turn on another wiimote, it won't connect. If I remove the batteries from my first wiimote, it won't connect anymore.

    I'm using Wiikey 2 and USBLoader GX. My Wii is a 4.2E PAL and I didn't updated (CIOS, or any IOS wad) in a while (Since NSMB was released).

    These are the only two games where I have this problem. DKCR works like a charm right now. I didn't find a similar problem on the net. Is this some kind of new antipiracy system or do I have to update something ?

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    update your cios with ModMii