Wiimote loses sync--I read the sticky

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by ShinraArmy, Jan 17, 2011.

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    I'm sorry for my impatience but this issue is frustrating me to no end and I'm hoping more people will be able to read the topic by posting it here.

    My wiimote has problems keeping sync with the Wii; it cannot turn the Wii on and requires red-button sync from the system menu to access channels, upon using a channel, sync is lost. No light blinks when I press buttons then.

    This started happening after another SD card, belonging to one of my friends, was used to load his Brawl+ skins, Brawl+ then had slowdown midmatch and we reset the wii. This happened while using 480p cables on an HDTV. The SD card used is normally used on aWii running 3.9u

    2 sets of AA rechargables have been tried.

    I last tried by using MMM to reinstall 4.2, this didn't remove HBC, just Priiloader, which I just reinstalled.

    I'm currently running 4.2U. I don't have a copy of Brawl at hand, but I could borrow one if an update is needed. Other than that, the Wii is pretty much up to date as far as IOS goes, and worked fine right up until today.

    Other than that, I'm at a loss of what to do...
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    ---failing everything else, is there a usb loader that allows a game to be launched using GC controller?
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    I have no idea what the problem would be for you. Needless to say, you aren't trying to use the Wii remotes on multiple consoles, right? That would make it lose sync with the other consoles...

    Anyway, Configurable USB Loader does allow you just as much function within the program with a GC controller as a Wii remote. As long as you can still use the remote in games, it should be a temporary workaround until you figure out the actual problem.
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    Sometimes that happens to me first

    Turn ooff your wii TAKE OFF THE BATERIES and then but themp aagain

    Then Press the red button in your wii ( is a red buttonnear of the sd) AND quickly press the RED button in the back of your wii mote with the batteries and just wait..

    Hope it helps