Wiimote broken (??)

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    Hi folks!

    One of my wiimotes seems to be half-dead. Explaining: If I point it at the sensor, it moves the cursor on the screen just like it was supposed to. But if I tilt it, let´s say, 30 degrees clockwise, the cursor tilts 30 degrees clockwise, but after a second it returns to its original position and the movement becomes all wrong. If I twist a little more afterwards, let´s say 90 degrees, the cursor turns 60 degrees and then resets to 0 again, leaving the control movement even more wrong (like, up is left, left is down and so on). OK... I then enter a game. Wii Sports for example. I can select the player, the game and everything, but cannot play. When I "racket" the ball (tennis, let´s suppose), my Mii just stays there, frozen. Press the Wii Menu button, and the cursor is upside down and the movement is all inverted.

    My guess is that the accelerometers somehow are off or broken, but the camera and every button on the wii-mote are ok (as the communications with the Wii). And the question is: Anyone with the same problem discovered an easy and costless solution? Or is my wiimote dead (well, undead)?

    Just to know: Wii 3.3U with Wiikey 1.9x, japanese Wiimote. Did resync in every possible way (via Wii Menu, red buttons), no lights burned in the sensor bar, same problem in every sensivity option for the wiimote. The same happens when the nunchuck is attached, but haven´t tried a game that uses both motion sensors(Wii Sports Boxing, for example). The same problem goes to every game I tested (Rayman Raving Rabbids 1 and Boom Blox... In Boom Blox I can rotate the camera by pressing B, but cannot throw the ball)

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    well I think the wii remotes have warranty but i'm not sure you could give nintendo a call and see what they can do for you. sorry if I can't be anymore of help. [​IMG]