Wiimode Broken :( ?

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    I just changed the batteries of my WiiMode and now it won't work any more ... the light is just blinking and nothing happens ... i even tried to syncronize the Wiimode with the wii again but nothing ... with the old bateries (wonder why) i could at least press the a button to get into the wii menue before the bateries completly died ...

    but the batteries are new and there is enough power ... while resyncronize the lights blinked nonstop ... so whats going on ?


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    nevermind ... i should learn to search before i ask something [​IMG] didn't really found a working solution but with just completly rebooting the Wii it now works again
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    Sep 13, 2006
    Try changing the batteries to a fresh pair and reboot your wii completely and try again. If all else fails return to Nintendo, they have a nice return policy
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    i had something very similar happen to me just recently. I turned the wii on, clicked to start a game, but then I set the remote down to go do something. By the time I had come back, the remote had turned itself off. I went to press A to turn it back on and it wouldn't sync. It kept blinking 3 and then 2 of the blue lights on the remote. I tried it with my other 3 remotes as well and they all did the same thing. I tried resyncing with the red buttons but that didn't do anything. I turned the wii off and turned it back on...no problems.
    crazy [​IMG]