WiiMenu won't load :(

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    Jan 2, 2011
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    Hey I need help, I recently did the ModMii and have 4.3U firmware installed.

    I can't get the WiiMenu to comeup after I did all the steps for the guide if I

    HackMii is on boot2 and on priiloader my I did all the recomended hacks for blocking updates moving disc channel and stuff.

    But I was wondering if one of the settings made my game load everytime and now I can't load the WiiMenu.

    If I try to bootup with HBC and press home from there then "WiiMenu" it will just load the game.

    Should I tell you my specs of what I have installed?

    I also was curious if it was something that modmii installed in Multi Mod manager that messed up.

    Because, what I did was, use the guide with Modmii and selected downgrade to 4.2 even though my firmware is 4.3, I got the 4.3 guide you know just select 4.3 and a different guide it will give you..

    So, thinking the MMM, WAD's files to install were practically the same I installed all of them including a Wii Red and black that said for 4.2U

    One other thing if I load the Wii from boot without the CD its just a blank screen with the 4.3U at the bottom.

    So my question is what do I do to get my wiimenu back?!

    Uninstall an IOS or WAD or what, I think it might be partially bricked.

    I tried uninstalling That Wii Red and Black theme file for 4.2U under MMM and then WAD manager, but it through uninstalling it forced me to a message saying will not uninstall for the Wii's safety.

    I have brick protection added and priiloader on boot2 no NAND backup
    but if I uninstalled it I don't think it hurt anything.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Benjay

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    May 25, 2009
    Reinstall IOS70 and sytem menu 4.2U with Wadmanager.
    Get the Wads with NusDownloader.