wiikey & wiinja dongle

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    Apr 21, 2007
    pic4pic2pic3pic1 i got some 8 pin sockets delivered today which i bought for an external connection of a wiikey.i was looking for something to make a dongal with and found a sim card reader. so i took the insides out and then got the idea of putting two different chips in. so iv fixed a pic chip socket to the bottom so that chip can be upgraded by just unpluging.. the 8 pin sockets plug into each other so all i have to do is drill 8x2mm holes in the rear of my wii glue the socket and solder to the pins on the inside and solder the other ends of the wire to the board in the normal way. the dongal has 8 pin plugs on both sides so just unplug and turn round to swap chips plus when removed the wii is totally unmodded. the 8 pin socket to the left is what iv used for both plugs on the dongle and the socket on the wii they are about 10 mm square. i payed £2 for five on ebay. the sim reader was about £7 but still works without its casing.