wiikey v2 pre-soldered in the uk

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    hello all im a total noob to wii modchipping and i just thought id let you know of my experience of buying a pre-soldered modchip in the uk .

    i bought a pre-soldered wiikey v2 for a pal d2e wii console , fitted it myself and updated it using the latest wiikey update / config disc v1.2 .

    all is working fine and playing all pal backups so far with no
    probs .

    wiikey website - http://www.wiikey.cn/

    uk website i bought from - http://www.wii-chip.co.uk/wii-mod/index.html

    bought sunday dinner time and arrived tuesday morn , was impressed about the quick delivery .

    seemed easy enough to install using ozmodchips guide -

    also using verbatim dvd-r and imgburn for burning all my backups , no coasters so far .

    just thought id let anyone thinking of fitting a modchip to their wii realize just how easy it is for a complete newbie to wii modchipping .

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    Rofl I just received my modchip today and its working with no issues not even the eject bug on my D2C! the WiiClip2 is GODLY....I LOVE MODCHIPCENTRAL [​IMG]:D. I hope I dont get eject issues in the future -.-.