Wiikey arriving soon (hopefully) - some ?'s

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Padreko, Jul 13, 2007.

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    Hi all,

    I bought my Wii back in early march so I assume it should be able to mod with the 6 wire connections. Ordered the chip last week and I've been reading so many forums and trying to get information on soldering and installing the chip. I've picked up a 15 watt iron from radio shack. Currently I have a stand, some wires, and solder to practice with (i practiced on an old network card). But I'm reading so many posts about people having issues installing their Wiikey or it failing after a few weeks which scares me quite a bit - I feel I need to be as perfect as possible to install this thing correctly; onto my questions:

    1. Why do the solder joints "need" to be shinny? I thought the solder was a conductor plain and simple

    2. My plan was to tin the wires with enough solder to apply to the joint and refrain from tinning the joints on the dvd drive and the wiikey. I saw a really good "short-wire" install with this method done - except I'll be using 1.5-2 inch wires instead of short wire. http://psx-scene.com/forums/wiikey/54830-w...tall-guide.html
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    1. no i dont have to be, just make sure you let the solder stick good.

    2. i always first put some extra tin on the original points, there is not alot on them original and so its easy to take pads away if you dont pretin them.

    3. just be careful, lift the dvd drive and first remove the white connector, then with your nail bend the brown lock for the ribbon cable away and take the ribbon out. Now click the brown connection into place again!

    4. you have to use desoldering wick, very easy

    5. you dont have to, the solder holds it into place. I first solder the 2 big solder points, then the chip cannot move anymore.

    6. first tin your wires, then solder

    7. these games work fine, and you get a friendcode yes

    8. just find a soldering tutorial, its not that hard to have a special video about it
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    1. Dull joints can be masking a whole host of problems, shiny ones not so much.

    2. Interesting method, personally I like to site the chip above the drive cable. Some later version wiikeys may not need that though as they have solder down the edges to make it easier.

    3. What lenselijer said, some people pull it before removing the clasp I guess. The hardest part is removing the plug (at the top of the first pictures of the drive by the four soldered wires), it takes a screwdrive sometimes to pop it out or you can gently tug on the wires.

    4. Heat it and remove with screwdriver here, desolding station/wick could also work.

    5. What lenselijer said again.

    6. It is pretty hard to melt kynar with the irons you will be using, not that it matters if you do the install like above.

    7. Friend codes unfortunately.

    8. Youtube videos got taken down by the ESA. I have the GBAtemp disassembly +wiininja guide somewhere around here though.
    Some tips
    flux - I do not use it personally as the solder should come with it.
    solder - I like lead tin stuff, current regs make it a bit harder to get ahold of though.
    when doing the tug test do not do it hard, if it is bad it will come out easily
    Iron position, if using a cabled iron keep the cable so it does not twist around your hand: right handed keep the cable to the right.
    Turn the wii rather than your hand (a good one that some forget to do).
    I like a little dab of solder on the drive side of things, it avoids heating the main board too much.

    9. An ocean apart here but I have noticed a few people advertising or being responded to around here in your locale.