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    Nov 23, 2005
    I looked the first few pages and searched a bit with the search function but as I found nothing, here's a post.

    Until now, I had Wiigator Gamma Launcher for Wii and GC, and both were working fine.

    Today, I installed Neogamma to use an USB hard drive to load the wii ISOs, so I installed the cios38 rev14 (to ios 249) and it's working fine.

    But, since I installed this rev14, the GC backup launcher seems not to work anymore, so I'm thinking about a incompatibility ?

    Is there any way to fix that other than desinstalling the rev14 and install the old one each time I want to use the GC Backup Launcher ?

    And same, other than desinstalling the old version and install the rev14 again each time I want to use Neogamma with the USB Hard Drive.

    I read somewhere installing "CMios 3.0" could maybe solve the problem, so if someone have an idea about that.

    Thanks a lot anyway.

    Edit : It seems I put it in the wrong section and I don't seem to be able to delete my own post, well too bad. I'll try to install CMios rev3 tomorrow and see what it does.

    Edit 2 : Problem solved. I finally got access to my wii to test, and as I was excepting, installing "cMIOS_rev3" fixed the "Failed to read DVD 345" error which appeared after the installation of "cIOS38_rev14".
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