WiiFlow vWii NAND extract causes error in HDD?

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    Apr 20, 2015
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    A'ight fellas, I'm one of those folks who lurk and keep up to date on the Scene by periodically checking in. However, I've recently ran into a problem in regards to trying to create a SNEEK for vWii.

    I've already had my HDD set up to load through Wiiflow and included all the plugins from the Wiiflow masterpack. It ran fine on the Wii and also ran fine on the vWii. However, after setting up Nintendon't and testing to see if it ran fine (which it did), I decided to move on with the SNEEK for vWii. After following JoostinOnline's vWii SNEEK, I couldn't figure out where to place the emuNAND sneek, So, after updating Wiiflow to latest update (4.2.1) I decided to have it extract the NAND from Wiiflow (therefor telling me the path that Wiiflow would use to open up the emuNAND, and I would simply replace everything in the path folder with the contents created from JoostinOnline's vWii SNEEK guide). However, it has wiped out everything visually on my harddrive and replaced it with two files: wiiflow (Folder) and WIIFLOW.--0 (Images in spoiler tag)
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    what is interesting is that I don't believe my data on the HDD has been wiped, since the amount of data is still read the same as before this Wiiflow NAND extraction incident: 167GB Free of 931GB
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    My question is this, how would I go about fixing this problem? Would it be something I could use a partition manager for? Or is there a solution that I just don't know of?

    Wii U v5.3.2 U (though I know this has no bearing on the vWii side)
    vWii Homebrew Guide Used: [Truth]'s Guide
    vWii SNEEK compiled: JoostinOnline's Guide
    WiiFlow: Abz's MasterMod Pak 4.3.2

    Short Condensed Version:
    Everything (Wiiflow, Nintendon't, emulators etc) worked fine until I decided to extract the NAND via Wiiflow. The problem is that, visually, the data on my HDD is missing and has been replaced with wiiflow (Folder) and WIIFLOW.--0. I say "visually" because the amount of data detected by my computer is the same as before the WiiFlow extraction incicdent: 167GB Free of 931GB. What is the recommended step to fix this problem?

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    Jul 14, 2015
    Hi did you manage to find a fix to this problem as i have the same thing happen to my drive

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    There is a bug with wiiflow that corrupts or does something funky with the data when you copy your NAND to the HDD. I had the same thing with a big HDD and used a recovery program to sort it out. Then Used a blank sd card to copy the NAND and moved it to my HDD
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    Just an fyi, to resolve this you can delete the nand information it extracted from the usb drive and then run scan disk on the drive. You might need to delete and scan the drive a number of times as once you delete the files they are still in the fat it seems, but the scan after the delete will fix that.
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