Wiiflow vwii configuration and NTFS Dirty Setup

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    Feb 6, 2013
    Well, searching i found one of these wiiflow packs with plugins and after several days i finally finished the configuration.

    Something like this.

    Cool, right? Well you guys will find packs in the wii area of this fórum, and tutorials and another information as well.

    Im posting here something i call Dirty Wiiflow setup, because i did for vwii ntfs without worry so mutch with the file mess. And i will point the annoying configuration parts where i lost time.

    I belive this works full for fat32 hd, but i use ntfs for my movies too and you will can adapt for your configuration.

    First point is, not all emulators work in NTFS, until now, N64, Snes, and Saturn dont worked for me. i dont have tested all but, Mega Drive, Master System, Sega CD, Playstation are working well. The way i found is to keep the ones who dont support NTFS in the SD card, and i belive a 16 or 32bg card should solve for snes and N64.

    But lets go to the configuration... After wiiu softmoded, you will find various files and directories in the pack, and can copy all to a sd card, the most important directories to be in root of the card are apps and wiiflow. The other directories can be important to the plugins, or not, but i let them there(Dirty Instalation remember?).
    Ok, after this you copy wiflow directory to your external hd and create a directory in root called backups(for example) and create inside this directory others like, MasterSystem, MegaDrive, SegaCD, etc.
    Grab yours backups and copy then to right directories.

    Now the thing is half instaled and we will need make the configuration of the pluguins.

    Go inside SD wiiflow directory and to plugins directory. some are easy to figure out, like genplus-gx (sega), others you will need search to figure out what emulate.
    Each plugin in this directory have a configuration file .ini genplus-gx_md.ini, for example and opening this with a word basic editor you will see lines of settings. We want change the parameters of only two of these lines, Coverfolder and Romdir
    Change to these:

    This will indicate wiiflow to search for roms in this directory and to seach the cover on a directory of same name, but not will be this directory(i will explain). Use this formula to configure all plugins changing the MegaDrive for a system you want and will be ok.

    About Covers, All 3D box covers will be searched in the boxcovers directory inside wiflow on your external hd. Changing the ini plugin as we have do before, you will need create a MegaDrive directory and put your 3d covers there. But you need rename your cover with the same name of your backup.
    For example, you have Tetris.mds, then the cover name will be Tetris.mds.jpg If your system dont show the extension you will see the cover named Tetris.mds, but will see as a image. The emulator acept .zip for some backup too, is good to keep space free.

    To the ones without NTFS support i dont have tried yet, but i belive then should work the same form or maybe with the cover directories in sd:/wiiflow/boxcovers/Nintendo64. I will try and correct after here.

    Your 3Dcovers of Wii backups must be put in the boxcovers directory in your external HD.

    Now go to your wiiu and start wiimode.

    You have to instal the right forwarder because have hidden channels needed. I used this one "WiiFlow Channel - Clouds v15 for vWii - DWFA.wad" with a wad mananger, but exist another option.
    If you install wrong it can brick your vwii,(i belive). Is for your own risk.
    The other things we have to so far dont will brick your wii, this one you need to be sure is the right option.

    After this plug your hd external and start the wiiflow. Playing with the system you will find eventualy how to choose the plugins and your game will show too. But Wait, Your Wii covers dont will work.

    Exit wiiflow and take back the sd to pc. go into the apps/wiiflow folder and you will find a wiflow.ini file. The system create this file on first use. open it with world and mod the dir_box_covers to


    you can too change cover buffer to 50, it will charge better the covers. Save it and put again in the wiiu.

    And is this.

    Dont forget of remove any strange apps who can come with the pack, if is not a emulator, can be some intalator for wii and can be dangerous for the vwii. Search and discover what the app is and what he does before use. I dont take any responsability if you damage your system.

    Is a very bad tuto, please read anoter ones first. My English Sks. But i belive can help bypass some tricky parts.