Wiiflow ios_base.c ?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by PhyniX, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. PhyniX

    PhyniX Advanced Member

    Mar 29, 2009
    Gambia, The
    Hello Community

    I want add rev 21 to the ios_base.c
    how can i add this ?

    sorry for my bad english

    #include "ios_base.h"

    #define info_number 23

    u32 hashes[info_number][5] = {
    {0x20e60607, 0x4e02c484, 0x2bbc5758, 0xee2b40fc, 0x35a68b0a}, // cIOSrev13a
    {0x620c57c7, 0xd155b67f, 0xa451e2ba, 0xfb5534d7, 0xaa457878}, // cIOSrev13b
    {0x3c968e54, 0x9e915458, 0x9ecc3bda, 0x16d0a0d4, 0x8cac7917}, // cIOS37 rev18
    {0xe811bca8, 0xe1df1e93, 0x779c40e6, 0x2006e807, 0xd4403b97}, // cIOS38 rev18
    {0x697676f0, 0x7a133b19, 0x881f512f, 0x2017b349, 0x6243c037}, // cIOS57 rev18
    {0x34ec540b, 0xd1fb5a5e, 0x4ae7f069, 0xd0a39b9a, 0xb1a1445f}, // cIOS60 rev18
    {0xd98a4dd9, 0xff426ddb, 0x1afebc55, 0x30f75489, 0x40b27ade}, // cIOS70 rev18
    {0x0a49cd80, 0x6f8f87ff, 0xac9a10aa, 0xefec9c1d, 0x676965b9}, // cIOS37 rev19
    {0x09179764, 0xeecf7f2e, 0x7631e504, 0x13b4b7aa, 0xca5fc1ab}, // cIOS38 rev19
    {0x6010d5cf, 0x396415b7, 0x3c3915e9, 0x83ded6e3, 0x8f418d54}, // cIOS57 rev19
    {0x589d6c4f, 0x6bcbd80a, 0xe768f258, 0xc53a322c, 0xd143f8cd}, // cIOS60 rev19
    {0x8969e0bf, 0x7f9b2391, 0x31ecfd88, 0x1c6f76eb, 0xf9418fe6}, // cIOS70 rev19
    {0x30aeadfe, 0x8b6ea668, 0x446578c7, 0x91f0832e, 0xb33c08ac}, // cIOS36 rev20
    {0xba0461a2, 0xaa26eed0, 0x482c1a7a, 0x59a97d94, 0xa607773e}, // cIOS37 rev20
    {0xb694a33e, 0xf5040583, 0x0d540460, 0x2a450f3c, 0x69a68148}, // cIOS38 rev20
    {0xf6058710, 0xfe78a2d8, 0x44e6397f, 0x14a61501, 0x66c352cf}, // cIOS53 rev20
    {0xfa07fb10, 0x52ffb607, 0xcf1fc572, 0xf94ce42e, 0xa2f5b523}, // cIOS55 rev20
    {0xe30acf09, 0xbcc32544, 0x490aec18, 0xc276cee6, 0x5e5f6bab}, // cIOS56 rev20
    {0x595ef1a3, 0x57d0cd99, 0x21b6bf6b, 0x432f6342, 0x605ae60d}, // cIOS57 rev20
    {0x687a2698, 0x3efe5a08, 0xc01f6ae3, 0x3d8a1637, 0xadab6d48}, // cIOS60 rev20
    {0xea6610e4, 0xa6beae66, 0x887be72d, 0x5da3415b, 0xa470523c}, // cIOS61 rev20
    {0x64e1af0e, 0xf7167fd7, 0x0c696306, 0xa2035b2d, 0x6047c736}, // cIOS70 rev20
    {0x0df93ca9, 0x833cf61f, 0xb3b79277, 0xf4c93cd2, 0xcd8eae17} // cIOS80 rev20
  2. PhyniX

    PhyniX Advanced Member

    Mar 29, 2009
    Gambia, The
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