WiiFlow doesn't accept my SD card Oo

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    Nov 19, 2009
    Well guys, i got a 500GB HDD to use on my WiiFlow, but i decided not partition it and let everything WBFS, then run the themes, languages and box arts from the SD card, but the WiiFlow just don't see that my card is there with the wiiflow folder with everything inside, so i can't change languages and themes. Consequently, i can't download covers because it don't create the folders automatically to put the box arts in. So, what can i do?

    P.S.: It basically doesn't create the wiiflow.ini file on my SD...
    I'm running Wiiflow by a channel installed on my wii(not forwarder)

    *NEWS*: i found out at one site that i could make my own wiiflow.ini just by creating a notepad file saved as wiiflow.ini and inside it a should type: [GENERAL]
    I did it, but still get the same error...