WiiConnect24 and Shop Channel issues

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    So let me get to the point. It's going to be a little testimony about getting a Wii on Christmas here in the Third World, to be exact on Brazil.

    The thing is, i bought a Korean Wii and it already came with the 3.2U firmwere, the HBC and the Wiigator Backup Loader. So I started modding, make it up to the 4.1U firmwere, got Neogamma R6, USB Loader GX, Wad Manager and installed all IOS that I could get from NUS Dowloader.
    But in the middle of all this my Disc Channel stopped reading any title, I dind't care cause had the Neogamma and de USB Loader.
    Now that the Monster Hunter came out, I had some trouble going online. And, trought Google discovered that using the mailer sstem of the Wii I would be able to get the online part working. But now comes the biggest problem: the freaking WiiConnect24 is not working!!

    It always want to update, just like my Shop Channel. I downloade the IOS 61 and the Shop Channel v18 form NUS Downloader and didn't work.
    Tried by the Wiiscu and nothing. I even get the Priiloader and made the Disc Channel come back to the good old shape and it's blocking the auto updates, but it didn't make my problem with the internet go way.
    Just to clear up, I've configured my connection after all the first mods, don't know if it makes any diference, but I didn't hurt to comment.

    So I'm asking for help. Is there any way to get the WiiConnect24 to work by WADs or other things alike?

    So I keept looking for a answer and I think i have found. There is a possibility that my shop channel is a Korean version, so he is looking for a 4.2K firmwere, and maybe some thing on the IOS 61/51, and it's not there. Then he asks for a Update, probably to 4.2K and a sure brick.

    I'm think on this cause my Mii Channel and Photo Channel came on korean version, and they don't work if I don't turn on the region free channel of Priiloader. Then I found this tutorial on the Google (it looks more like a testimonial). He's problem is kind like mine and he solved the problem with a "channel file manager". I don't know if it's real, so now I wanna know if anyone was heard about this homebrew, tested or has a friend of a friend of a friend who did.

    Edit 2:
    Soo, I have borowed some cojones and tried to use the Channel FIle Manager, so far as I could see it's a real homebrew, but while using it I saw that it's like the Any Title Deleter, so I used the second one.
    Aaaand... worked. I really had some duplicated channels and deleted the korean versions of then.
    There was 2 Shop Channel, they are unde the name HABx, with x meaning a region, in my case x was K for the korean one and A for the USA one.
    The same happened to the Mii Channel, News Channel and Photo Channel 1.1.
    After this they disapeared from the Wii Menu, but you just need to power off and power on the Wii. And the most amazing: my Miis wasn't gone! The Mii Channel asked me to make a new Mii, like it was my first time around, but the others were still there.

    But, since life isn't nice with the poor, I still can't use the Shop Channel. Now it askes for me to accept the User Agreement, but when I do the system tries to update. I think it's a IOS problem, but can't be sure.

    Last Edit:

    Well, I did. I keept Googling my problem and I found the solution. My Wii had an old EULA, that's why it was asking for update. Then I got the latest version from NUS DOwnloader and it's working. I can't control my happiness!!
    Anyway, problem solved, sorry to creat this topic, was dumb, since I managed to find all the solution trought Google. So can close this, delete or leave it there for people with issues like mine can find they answers right here on the forum.