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    [​IMG] WiiColEm v0.2
    Wii ColecoVision Emulator

    WiiColEm, the ColecoVision emulator port for the Wii made by Raz0red, has been updated to version 0.2. See below for current features and what's new in this release. For more information visit the projects homepage.

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    I just tried this, full goodcol rom set. Every cartridge I own works 100% perfect on this emulator which is rare. THIS EMULATOR RUNS DRAGONFIRE PERFECTLY! Finally sheesh there was only one other emulator that could do that which was one for PC with built in ROMs. But later versions of that same emulator, you couldn't jump properly in so the game played like garbage. Man this is so sweet. Now I just wish the other ports of this emulator on other consoles were as good as this.

    Pitfall II, another problematic ROM in some Colecovision emulators, appears to have no problems at all too.

    And man this is the best retro console I have seen yet for a port of Pac Man. The 2600 version was garbage.
  3. amptor

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    May 2, 2003
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    I should just shamelessly bump this. This emulator is great. I emailed the author of this and he may be working on the "noise" channel still. But otherwise this is a highly polished emulator. I configured my screen to full using the d-pad under options on my 27" Wega CRT and the Wiimote is SO much better than using Colecovision console controllers. I might as well junk the console and just keep this. It runs all of my cartridges perfectly. I'm surprised nobody's commenting on this one. It is a simple drag and drop to your SD card root, uncompress all the ROMs (highlight all the ROMs with WinRAR installed on your PC and batch uncompress all of them to the ROMs folder on the SD card emulator's path) and away you go.

    This is a really good emulator and really fun to play on. It also appears to support save states but I haven't tried that yet. That would be super helpful in Pitfall II as that can be a challenging and long game. I've only seen one person finish it.
  4. arquillos

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    Aug 28, 2012
    Sorry to bump up this old thread.
    I can make it work on my WiiU vWii...The emulator just start showing the initial screen but the Wii U freeze :(

    Any help?
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