Wiicm v1.1 (cheats for wii games)

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    Wiicm v1.1




    version 1.1

    Native wii cheat code manager, for use with WiiRd codes and the GeckoOS\Ocarina code handler. Select codes from .txt file and encode to .gct format.

    Install wiicm apps package. Make directories /codes/ and /txtcodes/ on root of SD card. Download and install GeckoOS. http://www.usbgecko.com/files/geckohb9.zip. Download codes and save them to /txtcodes/. Use Code Downloader or access the WiiRD database @ http://www.usbgecko.com/codes/

    File selection; Point and Click with A to select file or directory, or Home to exit. [Renaming txt file helps with selection(ex. rename RMGE01.txt to galaxy.txt). Wiicm creates the gct file name from the first line of the txt file to account for this]. Code selection; Click code name to activate code, red light is on black light is off. Click MORE or BACK to move through code list. Press Home after finishing code selection. Finally when you see the caution warning press A to create new gct file and exit, or Home to exit without creating new gct file.

    Background Music:
    May cause crashes! Especially with long cheat files such as Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Add file wiicm.ogg to the /txtcodes/ directory on the root of SD card. Any audio file in ogg format renamed to wiicm.ogg should work. Delete this file if wiicm freezes.

    Txt Code File Formating:
    Most code txt files downloaded with Code Downloader or directly from the WiiRD database are properly formated.
    Super Mario Galaxy

    Fly When Spin Move Is Used [brkirch]
    042E8898 38600007

    Throw Fireball When Spin Move Is Used [brkirch]
    042C3EE8 38000002

    Infinite Health (works with Ocarina) [brkirch]
    042B1C30 60000000

    Moon Jump [brkirch]
    C22E9D40 00000003
    3C808049 807C02D8
    90645E94 7F83....
    (/end sample)

    File must end with a hex code or commented line. No blank lines are allowed at the end of the file. The first 4 lines must be; disc code, game name; carriage return, code name. Wiicm employs blank lines/carriage returns to search for the next code name. Only one carriage return may be used to separate codes, and code name must be only one line. Comments may be placed after codes.

    (commenting sample/)
    .....EE8 38000002

    Infinite Health (works with Ocarina) [brkirch]
    042B1C30 60000000
    Place information here about how codes work.
    May be multiple lines, but cannot contain any blank lines

    Moon Jump [brkirch]
    C22E9D40 000......
    (/end commenting sample)

    Change log:
    version 1.1
    Max Cheats is now 500. SSBB compatible
    Fixed file selector bug.
    Compiled with libogc 1.7.0 adds SDHC support.
    Fixed sound effects and changed to asndlib.
    Added libfreetype for logo.

    written and compiled on XBOX by linus

    brkirch on the wiird forum for the awesome converter code.(I used your codes as examples I hope you don't mind.)
    WinterMac on #wiidev for helping me get DevkitPRO running.
    GRRLIB for the awesome graphics.
    Sndlib for ogg support and SFX.
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    Do you know where I can find codes for other wii games?
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    Sep 30, 2007
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