Wii2600 v0.2

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    [​IMG] Wii2600 v0.2
    Atari 2600 Emulator
    Wii2600 is a native port of the Atari 2600 emulator Stella for the Wii. New in this version is 4 player support and a lot of other changes which can be found in the changelog below.

    - 4-player paddle support
    - Ability to set the paddle mode to use (Roll, IR, or Analog joystick)
    - Wiimote "Roll" paddle mode (similar to Bit Trip Beat)
    - Ability to set "Roll" paddle mode sensitivity and center
    - Wiimote "IR" paddle mode (rewritten since 0.1)
    - Ability to set "IR" paddle mode sensitivity
    - Analog joystick horiz/vert paddle mode (Classic, Nunchuk, Gamecube)
    - Ability to set analog paddle mode sensitivity
    - Analog joystick control support (in game and during menu navigation)
    - Driving control support (via d-pads and analog controls)
    - Ability to toggle color/BW modes from controller (Starmaster, etc.)
    - Improved sound support
    - Fixed bug that caused some games to always display at 1x (versus 2x)
    - Fixed emulation of select/reset buttons (you can now hold them down)
    - Added ability to display rom info (screenshots) when browsing (slow)

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    This is a pretty cool emulator. I like how the wiimote acts as a paddle on games that need it, like Kaboom! which is one of my favorites from waaaaaay back =)