Wii wont update and im not sure about the mod

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    Apr 14, 2017

    I ended up with a wii some years back from a relationship breakup and i know it was modded somehow but i have no idea hard/soft as i didnt really use it. Anyway i wanted to get it out for the kids and rightly or wrongly i reformatted it using the wii menu and then tried to do a system update. It gets a tiny way along and i get error 32022. I moved the console next to the router to make sure it wasnt the internet connection but its still doing this. I changed the channel too on the router but not joy. It goes through test connection fine and asks me if i want to update. I have no parental controls set and I can connect to sign that agreement thing fine.

    The thing is i didnt check the version before i started but when i had problems i checked it and it was 4.3e.

    Im not really sure if its broken or not. I cant access the wii shop without this update. I dont know if i need this feature anyhow. I only have wii play and wii sports and they are playing just fine and the other asda discs dont play which is fine.

    After reading some threads amongst the other things ive done i have just purchased a game thats on the list woth the 4.3v2 update so hopefully that will clean anything up!?!?!?

    I read about something blocking the internet from a chip and that might be my issue.

    Anyway im not hugely technical but if you have any further advice on the update issue or anything else i should do to remove the mod let me know. Is there software you can run to find out if its hard or soft mod?

    I might consider soft modding it ater down the line but i want to get it clean first so qhatever i do put on it i understand how to update it.

    Thanks im advance!!!
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