Wii won't read Wii games

Discussion in 'Wii - Hardware, Devices and Utilities' started by KrAzY3, Jul 12, 2011.

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    I recently acquired a Wii at a thrift store outlet, and was not surprised to find out it doesn't play Wii games. It actually played Gamecube games most of the time but it only managed to start a Wii game twice and gave me an error shortly afterward. I did a little research and it certainly seemed to be a laser issue, so I made a few less intrusive attempts at cleaning the laser, and after no change I decided to try some absurd homemade version of a laser cleaner. That results in something getting stuck, so I did what I was trying to avoid and took the Wii apart.

    Now, I can't say for sure what harm I did at what point (and the laser wasn't functioning correctly to begin with), but between getting something stuck in the drive and perhaps taking apart a little more than I actually had to (to clean the laser and dislodge the cotton) it won't play Gamecube games either. I'm not terribly worked up over this, as I have 3 Gamecubes and clearly it wasn't working properly beforehand, but it hasn't instilled me with confidence either. I can't pin down what I did to make it worse, but the laser doesn't seem to come on at all now (motor moves the laser into place but I can't detect any red light and it doesn't get to the point that it spins the disc), perhaps I damaged the ribbon or just put the final nail in the laser's coffin.

    I have a softmodded Wii, but my external HD enclosure died and took the USB port with it. I presume my 4.3u Wii has a working USB port though, so the idea that comes into my head is to get what I need to softmod it, and change out the drives as my Wii has never had any issues. I'm a bit reluctant though as I'd hate to do harm to the one that's working, but just changing out drives seems like a relatively simple task. Furthermore, while I haven't encountered any other issues with the 4.3u Wii, I haven't been able to do enough with it to really say for certain it doesn't have any other problems.

    Finally, I'm a little wary of going out and getting SSBB only to find out my Wii is one of the many that struggles with it. Basically though, I want some input. Considering my apparent lack of competence, is it a reasonable risk to swap out drives, get SSBB and try my hand at softmodding 4.3u? Anything in particular I should know?

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    Well it should work fine, simply swap the drives get a copy of SSBB and follow modmii to softmod the wii.
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