Wii Web Server Alpha v1.10

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    Wii Web Server Alpha v1.10
    New Alpha
    Wii Web Server is as the name suggests a Wii homebrew application for hosting a website on your Wii. In this new alpha a few changes were made all of which are available in the changelog below.

    - Added option to have pages in /www directory to be compatible with Wiihttpd(default uses /data/web)
    - Added option to change port number to run on (Default : 80)
    - Added option to set a password for admin based tasks (not yet used)(no default)
    - Stabilised libhttp some more
    - Now shuts down cleanly (unmounts devices, closes sockets, e.t.c)
    - Better "HEAD" method support

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    Gimme WiiLinux that I can install Apache on, and use as an FTP server, and I'll be happy.
    But still, this is nice. I just find a plain webserver to be rather limited... and i recently installed WAMP and now I'm too confused.
    I think most people could benefit from HTTP + FTP though.