Wii USB Loader GX save data to Wii U USBLGX

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    Oct 10, 2018
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    Been using USB Loader GX to play Wii games on my old Wii for years. It's been awesome.

    I just got USB Loader GX running on vWii on my new Wii U hardware. It can see Wii games on my hard drive. It's awesome.

    I want to transfer the game saves from my old Wii onto my new Wii U. Is that possible? I have probably 30 hours into Fishing Resort that I'd love to keep! I see some options in USB Loader GX that look promising, but I'm hoping someone can point me to a tutorial or video that shows what I need to be doing.

    FWIW, I have no save data on the Wii U that I need to keep. I can totally overwrite it.

  2. sunnyhours

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    Oct 10, 2018
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    Figured it out.

    Used the export save data to emunand on the wii.

    Copied from one SD card to the other (I have a dedicated SD card for the wii U)

    Enabled partial emunand mode on the WiiU usbloader application

    "just worked"
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    yes it's possible, the savegames are identical.
    You need to play at least once the game on WiiU to be able to transfer it.

    You need to use SavegameManagerGX to backup/restore the savegames.
    on wii, you do the backup all, it'll copy every savegame to SD card.
    on WiiU vWii, play the game at lease once officially (it will create a new savegame, but it's okay). Then use savegame manager GX in restore mode, and restore your savegame from SD to vWii. this time to it one by one (not all savegames because it won't work if you didn't play that game on vWii yet).

    Another option is to use emuNAND save and play from emuNAND.

    edit: I see you found the second solution.
    But, some games will not work with this method (metroid prime 3, zelda skyward sword)

    internal save backup/restore is more stable and work with all games.

    Partial EmuNAND for savegame has the advantage that you can play either on Wii or vWii and always continue your game where you last stopped, you don't need to extract/backup/restore the save each time you switch a console.
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