wii usb antenna??

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    my neighbor has a wii so do i, well he doesnt have wifi internet so im lettin him use mine lol.. i mean do this usb antennas work? i saw a few of them on eBay..
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    if you talk about usb wifi dongles - no they dont work in a wii
    but the wii has builtin wifi so thats no prob
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    If his Wii can't find your WiFi router because the signal is too faint you could make a simple antenna upgrade with some styrofoam and some wire. Unfortunately I can only find german instructions to build that (here). But there is another solution here for building a parabolic dish that slides over a routers antenna.
    Of course your neighbour could try to get another antenna on his Wii, but he will have to open the Wii as it has no external antenna connector.
    Or you could purchase a WiFi extender/repeater, but I don't know how good these work.
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    There are also "Ricoré" or Pringles antenna.

    The "Ricoré" (French coffee box brand) is the best one for directional (15°) Wifi signal amplification from 8 to 11dBi
    here you can find few video tutorial (2nd is in French and 3rd in English).
    I'm sure you can find many better instruction on the net if you are really interested.
    You can find a calculator here
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