1. fredward

    OP fredward Member

    Apr 16, 2009
    United States
    hi guys so i have been trying to look online everywhere about my issue but cant really find it so thought id post a thread and see if someone can help me out. So i hacked my wii u recently and everything runs great. The vwii works after hacking it. I can install wads and play gamecubes games on hard drive from nintendont flawlessly in usbloader gx the latest version. Only games i cant run are wii games from the hard drive when i start the games from usb loader gx it just reboots it back to the wii system menu. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Like i said gamecube games work and i also installed the usb loader fowarder which was a wad and deleted it and reinstalled it and still same thing for the wii games. If there is some kind of patch i need to install let me know i would greatly appreciate it.
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