Wii U USB Helper and Zelda BOTW Trainer Questions

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    Hi guys. How do I properly delete games, updates, and dlc that was from Wii U USB Helper? I deleted Zelda BOTW, update, and DLC. But it seems that USB HDD space was not restored? I deleted through the Data Manager in Wii U System Settings. Deleted BOTW because game kept freezing when loading save, someone suggested to delete everything related to game and re-install. Also, I am wanting to use Trainer for Zelda BOTW. The Trainer/Editor I wanted to use is for game version 1.3.0. When I install game and update, can I just delete the update if it is not 1.3.0 and just install another update that will hopefully be 1.3.0? Thoughts and help GREATLY appreciated on all of this :)
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    downgroading a update version is not so easy :/