Wii U stopped powering on. Bad AC adapter, or something worse?

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    Tried turning on my Wii U the other day with the gamepad, it wouldn't connect. So I tried the power button on the console. Nothin. I unplugged it and plugged it back in, now the stand by light doesn't even come on. I'm hoping the power brick is the problem and not something worse. It might be jumping to extremes, but Ninty didn't roll out some sneaky update that fries consoles with cfw and pirated software, did they? :O
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    I got this problem once with the Wii. I thought my wii was dead.
    Unplug the AC Adapter from both the console and the wall for few hours (I did for a day).

    it looks like the adapter has a sort of memory, and sometime needs to reinit.
    I wish you it's the same problem.