Wii U refuses to open my pendrive, all my saves lost

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    Error code: 150-3230
    I have stored all my games and saves on a 32gb pendrive, yesterday the last thing I did was playing Batman Origins, now I power on the console and there's no games, no saves no game updates, nothing. I had around 100 hours of gameplay saves, really disheartening. The console still detects the pendrive as a Wii U formated device, but can't open it, when I go to system settings a screen displaying the error code appears error code 150-3230.

    There's is not info in Nintendo supportt page about this error.

    I read that the damn Batman delete saves, but it went overboard and delete (or corrupted) the whole device.
    I'm from Chile so no way I can contact Nintendo, much less, send my system to them.

    Not sure if I would perform a disk check on PC trying to find bad sectors or something, probably at lost because we don't know Wii U storage file structure ;(
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    Damn, that sucks you've got all your data corrupted but Nintendo did say for people to not use USB sticks.


    I've got the 32GB Wii U and still have 20GB-ish free (mostly because I don't download anything nor am I allowed to install the game data on the storage of Wii U unfortunately) otherwise it'd be full and I'd use one of my 80GB/160GBs HDDs.
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    They recommend it for different reasons. Unless the WiiU does a SHITTON of writes to the USB media for some reason it shouldn't matter that much.
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    My guess is the drive file system is damaged. file table whipped perhaps. This is why i backup my saves on small usb flash drives. Nintendo should do a cloud storage for saves.