Wii u on 5.5.1e how do i get to 5.5.2

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    Hello all,

    I am sure my wii u is on 5.5.1e but the system settings say 99.99.99e.
    I am sure i used Haxchi.
    Can someone kindly explain how i can get to 5.5.2e safely with no issues?

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    Mar 17, 2010
    I suggest staying on 5.5.1. If something ever goes wrong with Haxchi (for example if you update it, or reinstall it after changing the config), you will have no way of fixing it on 5.5.2.
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    When your Firmware version say "99.99.99", then that means your running Haxchi/CBHC.

    And as far as we can tell, if you already have Haxchi/CBHC installed, it should be safe to update. The info we do have, says that the browser Entry Point (BrowserHax) has been patched with the new 5.2.2 update.

    So there is no way right now to mod a console currently on 5.5.2.

    But like I said, if you already have Haxchi/CBHC installed, then you should be fine if you update to 5.5.2. Just remember, we still don't know everything about the new update, so update to 5.5.2 at your own risk. I am going to wait a while, just to make sure everything runs right in 5.5.2, before I update.
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