Wii U - Nintendo's Least Successful Console in Years

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    It is no secret that third party companies, gamers and retail stores don't want anything to do with Nintendo's Wii U and in result of this, Wii U is the least successful and popular home console of Nintendo since the GameCube.

    Yeah sure you could say that the GameCube was great, and it did have some great exclusives but for third party-ism it also kinda flopped though it did have better support than Wii U does right now.

    Now to the retailers, I've seen that people will only choose between Mario, Zelda or Mario Kart because otherwise it's completely forgotten which Nintendo is hugely responsible for as they've never really advertised the console properly and kept ignoring their fans' wanting Metroid, Star Fox, Conker (probably just me and a few others -- I know Conker Bad Fur was remastered on Xbox and I got that version), F-Zero and other titles which would be for the better of the console's image and would be far more profitable.

    Today I picked up a Turtle Beach headset which only cost me £4.99 though keep in mind the original price was £24.99 so they were just selling it to get rid off it, not making much profit anyway.


    I'm not going to actually use it, I bought it to own a copy of it and for the novelty of what the Wii U could have been.

    Despite all the negativity the small amount of games that the console has are the sole purpose why I bought it, because I couldn't get them on PlayStation or Xbox. It always comes down to the exclusives.

    Hopefully Nintendo has learnt their lesson and next time they'll think carefully (2018-19).
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    The Wii U is most definitely not Nintendo's least successful system - that spot will forever be taken by the Virtual Boy which bombed within a matter of months. Nice trollbait there, but how many threads like this have you made already? I lost count.

    Locked before the sh*tstorm brews up.
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