Wii U gamepad will not charge or turn on.

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    So it is kind of a dumb situation. I bought a Wii U off craigslist knowing "the charger doesn't work". So i decided to buy a charger from a different dude on craigslist. lmao so honestly who knows if that charger works. Good news is the console works just fine with a wii remote. I was able to play mario 3d land and some other classic games he left on the console.

    anyway the gamepad will not charge when plugged in directly or on the cradle. no lights turn on or anything. Ive tried plug ins in different rooms with no luck.

    He did give me the original plug but its missing the part that plugs into the gamepad. He claimed his cat bit through it and he couldn't find the other end. any way i could maybe take the two wires coming out of there and do something or do you think the gamepad in general is just shot?
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    first you need to try that gamepad charger on another wii u gamepad to be sure it is or is not working.

    then you can try swapping the gamepad battery with another, even just for a 5min test.

    once you can eliminate the charger and battery as problems you look at the gamepad for repairs
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    Perhaps the charging port is faulty. Try charging it on a cradle.
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    i'd open the back and make sure it's a legit nintendo battery first. might've been replace with a shit amazon one or something. best case scenario, needs a new battery. you can buy an extended use one from nintendo's site. worst case, the cat shorted it out completely. looks like it's just a two pin connector. power/ground. would be bad to connect the two