Wii U Flash Drive not readable after reformatting Wii U

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    Jan 7, 2017
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    I'm new to this forum and thought I'd ask this here since you bunch seem to have a lot of good discussion happening around the Wii U.
    I backed up my save games to a USB flash drive, reformatted my Wii U because I thought I was going to sell it, ended up not selling it and decided to start playing it again. Now the WiiU won't read my flash drive anymore, as I've read this is because I reformatted the Wii U and that will render flash drive unreadable since it was tied to the previous format.

    My question is is there anyway I can salvage my backup data on the flash drive? Perhaps copy them to a PC, format a fresh flash drive on the WiiU and then transfer the PC data back to the flash drive and into the WiiU?
    Is there any foreseeable solution to this?

    Thanks a lot,
    Kid A
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    the only way to read the usb on the wii u again is if you have a nand backup of the original wii u state you formatted otherwise no unless the USB was tied to rednand
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