Wii u and vWii / GC games on same HDD RedNAND

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    Jun 11, 2017
    I am looking into modding my wii u. I have a wii and a switch and since I use mostly the switch now I figured hack my wii u and get rid of my wii. I have done a lot of research and since I would like my wife to be able to take use of the wii u as well as my daughters friends I thought the best setup for me will be redNAND autoboot with unlinked nands. This way I don't have to worry about anyone messing up the auto boot and already have a 64 gb card to use for redNAND.

    Once I get it setup I want to use my HDD I have for my wii with all my GC and wii backups on it. It is currently formatted to fat32 with all games as iso / wbfs. Is there a way that I can use the same HDD without modification? I heard someone was working on a fix but found nothing.

    I saw WUP Installer has a install to USB option but is it safe to assume this is for the wii u special format and not fat32?

    Worse case is it possible to have two partitions and hide one of them and format the other for wii u? I remember one of the usb loaders for the wii mentioned it had the feature to be read by the vwii without getting a nag on the wii u.

    Any help is appreciated since I am currently home sick with kidney stones, I'm sorry if this has been asked before i can't find any additional info
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    Don't use RedNAND. It's not for common users. Your wife and daughters can't do much damage with HaxChi or Mocha CFW. RedNAND is a sandbox for developers. That's why it's safe for them. It's also prone to SD corruption and other issues. Like no vWii. You wouldn't want them playing a game for hours and then all of a sudden, boom! RedNAND partition on SD corrupts and you lose everything including your savegames if you haven't recently backed up redNAND.

    Read through my guide.

    You can't partition a Wii U HD. Not possible.
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