wii turns on, but nothing comes up, disc drive works...

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    Nov 8, 2008
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    Alright, yesterday I was playing paper mario 64 for vc, I had been playing it for a few days, and also playing brawl every so often, but yesterday I was playing paper mario, went downstairs, later that night I went back upstairs to play, but the wii was off,though i hadn't turned it off myself, I turned it on but nothing came up....not even the warning screen, it makes the disc read sound, but nothing else, No output to tv. I honestly don't know what it could be, I have no modchip installed or anything. I've never opened my wii up, Its a launch day wii btw if that makes any difference, Oh and I got a brawl disc read error often....Like id play some multi, but right when the game ends and goes to the score board I get a disc read error, or right when i start brawl up I get it....My wii was on system menu 4.0...And I honestly don't know why it would randomly stop working...I wasn't updating or anything. It was on the pause screen for paper mario last time I checked. Any Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance..