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    Hi guys Just got a wii last week and loving it (my 360 broke down - sent it away in August just came back yesterday - only problem is I traded all my 360 games to get the wii lol) Will probably trade 360 and ds phat to get ds lite black or white.

    Anyway enough rambling back on track I have a bt voyager 105 usb modem , an ethernet card on my pc and the wii lan adapter but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the darned thing to connect - as far as I can tell I need to set up a second type of connection on my pc with internet connection sharing - would this be right? Anyone managed to connect using a similar setup? Any help is appreciated lol (step by step for newbie pls)

    By the way anyone noticed when using official rgb cable on pal wii with resident evil 4 and screen set to pal 576i that there is a slight green line running accross the bottom of the screen?

    I don't think it's the console as all my other games work fine(and it's brand new) - zelda , wario ware and wii sports - and if you set the console to 60hz it clears it up - weird.

    Just want to get downloading those vc games as have points card and classic controller sitting waiting. [​IMG]

    Sorry if any of this has been mentioned before and cheers in advance
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    you need a router