Wii SunDriver jumper settings

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    Jun 28, 2010
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    According to the manual, there are 3 ways to operate your SunDriver:

    ØSunDriver Game Selection Menu

    ØSunDriver jumper settings

    ØSunDriver Programmer pc tool

    Now I know that in order to use the SunDriver Game Selection Menu, I have to make sure that the 4 jumpers of the SunDriver are in the correct position, which is to switch them all away from the led.

    So how else can I use the jumper settings to control my sundriver? It would be pretty cool to have the option to change games using the jumper settings if necessary. There have to be some other functions to the jumper settings. I couldn't find any info searching google, some forum sites, or d2sun's website. Any help would be greatly appreciated.