Wii Startup Disc

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    i have a launch day wii from the US launch date, and that bottom one isn't Wii Startup Disc... its actually Wii Sports Disc ... i'm calling photoshop on that, but with the nintendo customer support site i dunno lol.

    if youre wondering i just pulled out my box to check and im not seeing any evidence of a startup disc at all. i'd take a picture of my box where that other one shows up but its really late, i can't find my camera and the wife is asleep.. if nobody else takes a pic when i wake up i'll snag one for ya

    edit: well i'll be damned, guess its not a photoshop (and after looking, the other languages being photoshopped as well was a slim chance.. i'm a buffoon ) but this link might explain to you http://kotaku.com/215897/what-happened-to-...i-start+up-disc .... although it would be cool if someone had it