Wii Sports Resort Controls for Disc and Bowling

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    I don't know if anyone has noticed this (hard to know if you don't read japanese), but there are two different control types for Disc Dog/Golf and Bowling. When you set up you mii for one of these sports for the first time it will ask you your control type. It shows a big white dialog box with two buttons below. The button on the left will be the more "advanced" control where you have to release of B in order to throw the disc or bowling ball, and the button on the right is the "simple" control where you hold B without releasing for bowling, and you don't use the B button for releasing at all in disc dog/golf. The simple control in disc dog/golf is very annoying because you have to give it a pretty good flick in order to throw the disc, and it is much harder to throw it softly.

    If you want to change the control scheme after you set your mii up, go to the change your mii screen, select your mii again, and then it will go to the right/left hand selection. Below the right/left buttons is a smaller oval shaped button. Click that button. Press A on the next screen. Then you will see the large white dialog box with two buttons below. Left is the controls where you release B to throw. After figuring this out, it made my disc experience much more enjoyable with the release B controls.
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    Thanks for the heads up on this, this is very useful. I thought botyh games didn't feel right.
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    yeah, thanks for the advice. frisbee is much more enjoyable and controllable this way, I wonder if any of the other games have multi-options for controls or if there are any hidden settings I'm missing?
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    cheers for this info
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    How did I miss those?! Jeez, and I thought I'd figured out everything WSR had to offer. Thanks for the info.

    I'm 2 info points away from opening the last reward in flying! I wonder what you get.... a jet, maybe? I'm hoping my Mii gets to fly without a plane at all, like Superman, but I'm doubtful. That would be great, though. I love the 2 seater. I have to admit, it's pretty damn cool to fly around with my girlfriend in the back seat.
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    how do you choose who rides in the back seat?
    I always seem to get stuck with mini mouse in the back, its gay, i dont want mini mouse IN my, or anywhere near my flippin plane!