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    Okay, so I've searched and searched but found nothing so I decided to ask. I want to make a Wii splash screen. But I don't know how. The problem isn't necessarily making the splash screen itself (I could easily whip it up in Flash CS4, then export it as any video type I want), but rather, implementing it. First of all, I want it to replace the Wii Health and Safety screen, because as much as we all love it (sarcasm - Wii Health and Safety is for idiots who throw their controllers into their TVs), let's face it, the GameCube has a Splash Screen, but the Wii doesn't, and that's just sad.

    The second thing is, once the splash screen has finished playing it's little video, I want it to have the Press A part just like the normal screen (I don't mind if I have to animate this myself, but I'd need to know how to keep that on-screen and not loop the rest of the splash screen. It won't be too hard either, but after all is said and done, you still need to be able to press A to continue).

    I've seen some epic logos and startup screens, and I was having a look at a few on YouTube earlier for ideas, but I really think the Wii deserves a splash screen. I mean, even the Xbox 360 managed to get an epic splash screen (because again, we all LOVED the Xbox's splash screen).

    Now obviously, if I've searched all over and had trouble finding this, then I may be out of luck, but I do remember some homebrew thing to replace the health and safety screen. I'd just like to animate my replacement and have it work to perfection, so that it looks like it was built-in (and that means none of that crappy low-res quality, like jpeg image files or anything).

    Any help would be much appreciated (and by the way, I'm no professional homebrew guy. Wii homebrew is still confusing as anything to me, but little my little I am starting to understand it).
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    Doing a fully-animated splash screen is next to impossible at this point. However, replacing the Health screen is actually very doable. You have two main options:

    1. MyMenu and custom themes/health screens
    This allows you to re-skin the entire system menu including the health screen, replacing any colors and images as you see fit. It can be tedious to do an entire theme but pretty simple to just replace the health screen and the "Press A" message - it's just two pictures. Read up on the process and grab some beginner files (or someone else's themes) at Wadder:
    Wadder wiki (look at the pages entitled "MyMenu" and "MyMenuify" for how to install themes; the Mym Repository has several themes to choose from. Look through Wadder's forums for the latest updates and community assistance

    2. Preloader and Crazy Intro
    If you have Preloader, Crazy Intro can be run on boot to display an image and play a musical tune of your choice.
    Crazy Intro
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