Wii Speak ,Will Speak Channel and Animal Crossing

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    Before you ask, yes I have done a search and read all topics back to the rrelease of Animal Crossing.

    So miysituation is as follows: My wife for some reason has really gotten into Animal Crossing and because of this wants me to hook up a Wii Speak. We currently have a 4.1U, chipped and then softmodded for USB Loading Wii. To this date everything works as it should and I have not had much reason to update the Wii to anything newer and to be honest would prefer to not update it because it was given me no problems since I did the update a while back.

    This is what I have gleaned from the search on this topic:

    Animal Crossing uses ISO 38 (that's already been installed for awhile now)

    The Wii Speak channel uses ISO 56 ( as far as I know I don't have this installed)

    Some one mention that Animal Crossing uses ISO 53 for the Wii Speak Accessory ( as far as I know I don't have this installed)

    Hopefully some one can help me with the following questions.

    Do I need to just grab the missing ISO's to get this accessory to work?
    Is the Wii Speak Channel needed for this to work?
    If I need the channel will it try to make me update my system. or to avoid that is there a place I can download and install the channel without this issue?

    Thanks for help in this matter!
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    for the ios's you can use modmii stickies at the top of forum and the wii speak channel you dont have to have it to play the game i dont think(not completely sure)
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    If you have 4.1, you probably have IOS53 and IOS56. If you don't, you'll just get a black screen or your wii will reboot when you try to use software that needs them. Like scooby said, ModMii can download them for you if you don't have them.

    You do not need the Wii Speak Channel to use the microphone inside Animal Crossing.