Wii Speak down

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    Jun 29, 2009
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    I searched the internet but i cant find any similar problems.
    The reason, why im posting this here, is, that i cant locate the problem excactly.
    I dont know, if it is a problem with the usb devices, any hacks or if wii speak itself is damaged.


    Wii FW: 4.0 E (updatet via Nintendo)
    cIOS rev13a
    Wii Speak Channel 2.0

    I bought Wii Speak with the release of AC, but i never used it since then. I bought it only for the resoen that i own it, when i need it (for example now ~~ ), played a little bit around and it worked fine with Wii SPeak Channel 1.0.

    And now, when i connet it, the blue light is only barely lightning up (in WS Cann 2.0) and my Mii is drawing wave as it would do, wehn i would talking. But the Problem is, it dont recognice any Sound i making, and it dossent matter if i scream or whisper. So i configured the options, installed diffrent cioses with no changes until my wii was screwed up and i had to load my bootmii backup ^^ .

    Then i tested it with "Send a Voice Message". When i played the recorded, i only hear a Sound which is constantly getting "*" (* insert here the opposite word of loader, sry for my bad english) and could bee compared with a noise, wich would be made by an old fridge. And, like i said, it doessent recognice any Noise i make, completly ignoring it.

    Has anyone similar problems? I hope it isnst wii speak it self, be cause then, im fucked up. I dont have any more the piece of paper, which is proving, that i have bought it, and when im going to them, they surely wont give a new one. And i dont want to pay 30€ again for this #*=?)'#.