Wii Shop Warp Zone For UK Users!

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    Took this from the excellent http://www.vc-reviews.com/ site:

    "A cheeky little surprise awaits UK visitors to the Virtual Console. Next time you load up the Wii Shop if you look carefully you'll see a not very discreet smiley face which when clicked will take you to a hidden area with the text as follows:

    "Welcome to the Warp Zone! ... Congratulations, you've discovered the Virtual Console's hidden area. This is your secret doorway into another dimension; a portal into the past, if you will."

    Nintendo plan to use the warp zone to put up bits of trivia about some of it's main franchise characters. So far there's been info about Kirby and today if you look it's info about secrets in Ocarina of Time!

    A nice little surprise if indeed a little bit superfluious!"

    Not seen this yet as I have gayass BT Broadband and its YET again not working...bastards. But yeah Nintendo do some very nice content and surprises.
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    Feb 28, 2007
    When you click on the smiley on French Wii, it shows some tips for Zelda OOC. But it doesnt says "Warp Zone" anywhere.