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    Does anyone know where I can repair my wii? It won't turn on, and I already tested it with someone else's power supply. It still didn't turn on so this means my power supply isn't faulty. There's no dirt obstructing the metal contacts for the power cable. I don't want to send it to Nintendo due to pirated/hacked vc games and homebrew channel. So does anyone know any chain stores that will repair it for me? And if so, how long will they take? I'm going on vacation in a week and I want to take it with me.

    Also, it's past the one year warranty. If I were to open it, to check for any obvious damage, would nintendo still repair it? Obviously it would void any warranties, but would they fix it at least for a fee? Much thanks, ANY help will be greatly appreciated!!

    edit: Any wii repairing/modding veterans who can diagnose my problem or give me a common fix? lol, I know that "It won't turn on" is a vague description, but if this is a common problem and anyone knows what I could do that would be nice. Also - the last activity on the wii was when my brother was playing harvest moon on snes9x. We keep it in excellent condition, never dropped it, never leave it on for days or anything.

    edit: will nintendo actually do anything about my pirated content? and I don't have a triwing screwdriver, so if I just open up the regular screws on the outside can I get anywhere in terms of detecting obvious damage just by looking at the guts?
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    You can't open the thing at all without a triwing. Taking out the regular philips head screws alone isn't enough to open the case enough to see the internals.

    If your console is chipped, then order a $5 triwing screwdriver off eBay or Deal Extreme, open the console (be careful not to damage any of the screws or stickers), remove the chip (use a solder sucker and/or desoldering braid to remove traces of solder on any pads), then put it all back together and send it back for service.

    Might even be worth testing it again after removing the chip in case that's the issue [​IMG]