Wii Remote Won't Connect to Certain Homebrew Apps

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    Hello. I've recently homebrewed my mom's Wii (the second I've done), but I've been having some issues. The applications IOS 236 Installer v6 and CFG will not recognize my Wii remote once booted, while everything else does. My second issue is that USB Loader GX won't initialize my 64 gig USB and load my games (yes, it's in slot 0).

    Some background about my setup:

    Black "Family Edition" Wii (no GC slots)
    Newer white Wii remote with Wii Motion Plus and external sync button
    HBC + BootMii installed with Letterbomb
    Priiloader installed
    cIOSes installed using d2x in accordance with the guide @ wii.guide

    Please help me. I'm totally stuck. Thanks.
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    Avoid USB keys, they often give a black screen or do not work, prefer an external hard drive for better connectivity.

    Use an official Wii Remote Nintendo (old version),Without wii motion. for your homebrews

    Post a syscheck report, following this guide ==>https://gbatemp.net/threads/posting-a-system-check.300279/
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    Applications not recognizing the Plus Inside remotes are usually that way because they have not been updated / recompiled with the pertinent changes for those controllers to work. It's not fault of the controller (if said controller is official, at the very least).

    Seeing how DevKitPro is hellbent on forcing their way, updating old apps that are not yours is becoming a big hassle. That said, you should check for a more up-to-date version of CFG Usb Loader, it should be a version compatible with newer controllers.

    What is the brand of that USB flash drive? I imagine is correctly formated, right?