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    My Wii remote is acting up. most of the time it will not attempt to power one when i press any button. then some times after mashing random buttons it will power on and attempt to connect but after a few seconds of blinking lights it will just shut off. sometimes when it is trying to connect it will just have all 4 lights one and not blinking. once i saw it just have the 3rd light blinking. if it ever connects to the wii, it then just randomly desyncs. the player light will still be on but the system will not respond to any input and then the light turns off on the remote. one thing i noticed is that if i am using a classic controller, the wii remote wont desync hardly ever, but once in a blue moon it will. the batteries are fine i got new batteries and it is doing the same thing. on the home menu when ever the remote is connected it shows full power and it never shows lower power. I tried clearing my wii's sync list by holding the sync button on the wii down for 15+ seconds and resyncing the remote with the sync button under the battery cover.

    Is this common for a broken remote, should i just get a new one or is there any one to get it to work again?
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    sound like you need a new one...