Wii Quizz v2.1

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    Wii Quizz v2.1
    Quiz Application
    Wii Quizz is a homebrew quiz application for the Wii. New in this version is several bugfixes and small improvements.

    - Use GRRLIB 4.0
    - Fixed a bug at the launch of the game : there were some white points in the screen
    - Fixed a bug with the screenshots : the screen was cut
    - Fixed a bug with the screenshots : could not take in the menu of hi-scores
    - To take a screenshot, you must, now, press only the button 1
    - Add a generic with all who participated in Wii Quizz
    - Improved video mode: switching the screen resolution : 639 * 479 at 640 * 480
    - Recast entire memory manager
    - Others improvements...

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