Wii Photo Channel Easter Eggs found

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    Digital Easter eggs have got to be one of the niftiest inventions of the century. You have to admit that they're not necessary, but they sure are fun to find. We're pretty sure that at some point, everyone would have spent at least a few minutes unlocking the hidden easter eggs in their favorite DVD movie disc.

    In any case, the Wii Photo Channel apparently also has some treats in store for everyone, and the people from GameTrailers show us how to get at those features so that you can start playing around with them as well.

    First up, we have the tip-giving cat which you can catch as it runs across the screen so that it can dispense Photo Channel knowledge. Then, if you want to pass some time, you can create a puzzle of up to 192 pieces using a picture of your choosing, though initially, the menu will only allow you to choose the option of creating a 48-piece puzzle.

    So, there you go. Now go give it a try and do tell us if you find any more unlockables in the Wii channels. In the meantime, we'll be hanging on to our Wiimotes and waiting to see if Nintendo's Christmas surprise of supposedly unannounced channels will show up anytime soon.

    better video here